Julie Ferris

Howdy ya’ll! My name’s Julie and I’m from Los Angeles, California. I graduated from UCLA a year ago with a double major in Psychobiology and Geography. I initially went to college with dreams of becoming a doctor or dentist or something else noble and successful. However, a number of events led me astray. During my time at UCLA, I studied abroad in New Zealand for a year, where I sliced rat brains, served beer at the Rugby World Cup, and hitch-hiked and backpacked around the country. Upon returning to the States and UCLA, I supervised an army of 50 cashiers at UCLA’s Health Sciences Store in selling junk food, books, and a variety of obscure medical and dental equipment. After graduating, I masqueraded as a student and continued to supervise the store. However, after a year, Human Resources caught me for working too much overtime and kicked me to the curb. Fed up with my unemployment, inspired by my idol, Bear Grylls, and feeling nostalgic of my New Zealand adventures, I fled to the Washington woods for peace. I now spend my days hiking through the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, using a Trimble to map campsites.