Jeff Bothe

I am the descendant of a long line of coastal Maryland Quaker environmentalists/activists and Episcopalian farmers, but I was raised on the Piedmont Plateau by a gang of Atheist Existentialist crones. I am a pseudo-farmer myself, having grown food in Baltimore City parking lots and abandoned back yards for about a decade.  I have traveled much of the US and parts of Europe, Canada and Central America. I have funded these travels by working so many odd jobs the count would make your head spin. My favorite national park is Assateague Island: I have been there every year since I learned to drive. My favorite book is Albert Camus’s “La Peste”. My favorite food is chocolate milk. My favorite natural sound is the cicada song, and my favorite man-made sound is the Fender Rhodes electric piano, second only to the Hammond B-3 organ. My left foot is bigger than my right. I need a haircut. My life goals include landing a permanent job in a wilderness area (US or abroad, government or private enterprise), and covering my body with tattoos.