Hitch 5-1 By Pip Flickinger

This hitch summary has been written in English then put through multiple free online translators. It has been translated from English to Spanish, from Spanish to Japanese, from Japanese to German, then back to English from German. The following is the finished product.

We had to hitch five fortune Pacific Crest Trail Loop 70 miles. We saw some of the most beautiful landscaped gardens in the world has ever seen. We also get the name of the track. Our new identity is folows. Old growth Tetrus pip figure, Sarah cradle of humanity, and Garrett Mountain - Sun In our new identity in Stowe, saw lots of huge black bear, mountain goat, two frogs. While eating, “rambombs” We are, we have to reject that part of the “bomb” Sarah. That’s where we stayed until the mountain of green to look very old, it was held together with straps.
Pacific Crest Trail hikers one gets excited very concerned about the radio in Canada. Other travelers had a beard better than others. Do not grow a beard. Together, we were able to solve the problem worldwide while hiking. Also ate a large amount of carbohydrates. We agreed on a backpacking trip in the most beautiful I’ve been so far on this trip. Great success. Bring us a muffin, George found some stern.Good work!