Happy 4th of July!

• July 4, 2012 – Happy 4th of July! Today, my team was the only team to work July 4th. The first site we were at was Van Pugh North, which is a larger day use area comprised of many picnic tables with grills. Considering it was July 4th the park began to fill up quickly with families looking to cookout and swim. Van Pugh North site is a day use area that is primarily used for swimming, eating, and site seeing recreation. It’s also a site in which racial demographics are largely represented by Spanish speaking people and Eastern Europeans. The site that is paired with Van Pugh is called Burton Mill. It is a relatively smaller day use area with a small boating area and a smaller beach. This site was not filling up as rapid as a larger site like Van Pugh but considering it was the 4th of July the incoming traffic was indeed consistent. On this day there was a higher consensus of people leaving the park to pick up food and other luxury items and returning back to the park. However, compared to other morning survey shifts there was a higher ratio of surveys completed. Normally the early survey periods that take place on the weekdays are generally slower. Typically you’ll only get 1-15 and that of course depends on which site, weather conditions, boating/no boating, events, etc.

Written by Kevin.