My name is Garrett and I am the newest member of the web team. I am here to introduce myself, and I also to Welcome you to the newest version of the SCA blog, Conservation Nation. Making the website hum is my main duty around here, but I will also be shooting photos and taking full advantage of the water cooler. Although I lived in Troy, NY for the last five years while in college, I grew up right across the river from here in Westminster, Vermont. Fun Charlestown fact of the day: locals have been known to call Charlestown Chuck-town, or even better, Chuck Vegas. The North Building, SCA HQ, Charlestown, NH

Onto the blog… Our hope with this new blog is to offer a range of content on conservation and how it relates to modern events. We will be having a very broad range of regular as well as guest authors. This could include you! Send an email to if you are interested in contributing. We have made commenting open on all posts, so have at it! Talk amongst yourselves. I’ll give you a topic. Rhode Island, neither a road nor an island, discuss.