Creating leaders for the environment: all in a day’s work.

Creating leaders for the environment: all in a day’s work.

SCA’s mission is to build the next generation of conservation leaders and inspire lifelong stewardship of the environment and communities by engaging young people in hands-on service to the land.

It’s Our Job, Every Day

It happens every day, all over our great country. A 19-year-old in Louisville. A 20-year-old in Des Moines. A 16-year-old in Nome. Every day our youth want to do something important with their lives, and begin to ask, “Who am I?” and “Who do I want to become?” At the same time, every day our parks and natural resources fall into disrepair and are depleted. Today we stand at a critical point in time where the desire to do something can be met with the need to preserve and protect our environment. SCA is there.

Every day SCA unites young people with hands-on environmental challenges. Every day we create future stewards of our land, healthier environments and—ultimately—a better world.


Board of Directors

SCA is led by a diverse group of Board Members ranging from leaders in both the public and private sectors who care deeply about the stewardship of our land and the empowerment of young people as conservation leaders. See List of Board members.

Leadership Team

SCA’s Leadership Team is also comprised of leading experts in the field of conservation, partnership development, Philanthropy, marketing and corporate relations. Together, they mentor and guide a staff of 152 national employees. See Leadership Team bios.

SCA Founder, Liz Putnam

Visionary is an accurate word to describe Liz Putnam. Launching an American conservation service powered exclusively by young people would be ambitious today, but considering that she conceived of the idea in 1953—at age 20—makes her all the more remarkable. While still attending Vassar College, Liz modeled SCA on the 1930s Civilian Conservation Corps. and enlisted student volunteers to assist with the upkeep of U.S. national parks and public spaces. Be motivated by Liz’s story.

National Council

A group of extraordinary conservation leaders, the SCA National Council is comprised of leading figures from the conservation, youth, government, business, and philanthropic fields to provide advice and counsel to advance SCA’s mission and program. See National Council.

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Since 1957

The Iconic SCA Hardhat seen in parks and natural spaces around the 50 States.

Before the Peace Corps. Before AmeriCorps. Long before most organizations even heard the term “sustainability,” we were creating sustainable solutions. Since 1957, more than 75,000 young people have joined the ranks of SCA and have provided more than 28 million hours of hands-on service yielding immediate and lasting effects on our environment.

Read about SCA’s Founder Liz Putnam and some of SCA’s pioneers at our Founder’s Day Page

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